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Amb motiu de la refundació de la JCC (Joventut Comunista de Catalunya), fruit del procés d'unitat juvenil comunista protagonitzat per CJC-Joventut Comunista (Col·lectius de Joves Comunistes - Joventut Comunista) i JC (Joves Comunistes), així com per d'altres sectors i persones que es reclamen de l'ideal comunista, aquesta pàgina queda definitivament tancada.

Podeu seguir l'actualitat de la Joventut a: www.jcc.cat.

Dear Comrades,

From the CJC- Communist Youth of Catalonia, we want to express our best wishes for the Congress of the PDYU. We believe that this Congress is determinant, not only for your organisation or for the Palestinian youth but for all the youth in the world. We remember, as Catalan youth, the role of the thousands of volunteers that joined the International Brigades and came to fight the Fascism during the War in Spain in the ´30. Those volunteers, which represented the best of human being in all around the world understood that the Spanish struggle against fascism was also their struggle because if they didn´t wanted fascism to enter in their countries, they had to beat it in Spain.

We believe, as believed those volunteers, that the struggle of the Palestinian youth for living in an independent Palestinian State it is part of the struggle of the Catalan youth against Imperialism towards the construction of Socialism. Nowadays, Catalan youth supports mostly the Palestinian claims, but this major support is not enough; we shouldn´t be just satisfied but use this support in order to force our government to defend the Palestinian rights against the Israeli´s aggressions.

Finally we want to renew our commitment with the Palestinian youth and with the WFDY members as the PDYU; comrades, we remain at your disposal.

Freedom, independence and right to return to Palestinian youth and people!

Visca Palestina Lliure!

International area.

CJC - Communist Youth of Catalonia